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by Wolf van den End

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released August 5, 2017

Left behind by Wolf van den End.

Mastered by Martin Siewert.

Image Credits: Outside: T. A. Rector (NRAO/AUI/NSF and NOAO/AURA/NSF) and B. A. Wolpa (NOAO/AURA/NSF); Inside (edited) and CD-Label: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA).

Sleeve Design by Wolfgang Gosch.
Released by Trauerplatten: trauerplatten.bandcamp.com

Copyright 2017



all rights reserved


trauerplatten Vienna, Austria

Das neue Musiklabel von und mit Aber das Leben lebt.

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Track Name: the plague
every night
in every whisper
I feel the plague

it waits under the mattress
jumps into my veins
hides inside my language
and whispers to my brain

every night
in every whisper
I speak the plague

I stroke the cheek of every thorn bush
feed them pieces of my skin
until they show me to their secrets
the black honey deep within

every night
in every whisper
I drink the plague
Track Name: zippo
silence gets noisy
bulbs flicker and the rain pipe moans

I pour gas over the records
and keep my zippo ready

they won’t find me on my knees
coughing up curses or prayers

at last my belly opens
no blood or guts inside
completely hollow
Track Name: without a garden
a universe without a garden
a universe without a garden
let me hide behind the pardon screen

we have to find our path and
forget about the garden
let me hide inside your pain

will you forgive my pardon
when the substance hardens
maybe all will heal in spring
Track Name: make a sound
when you knock me down
I will not make a sound

crack in the ritual
madness shining through
colourful but cold
and bleak on the back side

one last try to
install boundaries
can we go back a few steps
until tomorrow

when you knock me down
I will not make a sound
Track Name: delphi
guess my wishes
I am afraid to ask

draw the line
my crippled claw
keeps trembling

shoot me with your stars
they burn my flesh
and boil my heart

the words we dance
across the tulip floor
Track Name: last lines of poetry
the wind is beating
the birds are coming
the night is humming
my heart is drumming
(it’s not a metaphor)

all I know is
I’m walking down a busy street
not knowing why or how
and there’s a yearning to stop
sit down and wait
till all things fade

the weed is bending
my chords are waiting
the light is numbing
the earth is shaking
(it’s not a metaphor)

the beat is ending
the coins are raked in
the feel is faking
my branch is breaking
(it’s not a metaphor)