by Aber das Leben lebt

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released March 21, 2014

Figured out by Aber das Leben lebt:
Martin Wiesbauer
Florian Emerstorfer
Ralph Wakolbinger
Wolfgang Wiesbauer

Cello on Whiteout by Laura Pudelek
Background vocals on Esc by Elke Bitter and Maria Szmit
Trumpet on Esc and Against All Odds by Thomas Berghammer

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Martin Siewert
Cover photos by Klaus Pichler
Photos taken at the Paintings Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Glyptotheque
Sleeve Design by Wolfgang Gosch

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trauerplatten Vienna, Austria

Das neue Musiklabel von und mit Aber das Leben lebt.

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Track Name: Whiteout
sky and ground are white
covered in optical noise
let us move into cellars and caves
away from the light

sky and ground are white

we’d sit together in silence
and we’d share our bread and our wine
at night we’d come out to watch
the ruins we left behind

sky and ground are white

while migrant birds get lost
while the north wind blows from the south
while the passing of time slows down
we’d be safe and sound

sky and ground are white
Track Name: Esc
there’s a riot going on
against people like me
they say all we want is
all we want is to be free
I don’t even know what that means
it doesn’t make any sense to me

they come dressed in hurricane suits
looking for a throat
wielding pitchforks and bowie knives
and the famous carpenter’s words
giving away their halos
quickly buying ashes and dirt

tired like a bear
who forgot to hibernate
my skin is holey and grey
and my eyes are red
saying no has never been harder

money dissolves and throbs
for attention like a child
locks are breaking free
and cobble stones are running wild
let’s run for the forest
and dig some holes into the night

tell me we will escape one more time
Track Name: Fireman
fireman come
extinguish the sun
it burns our sighs
it takes our lives

fireman come
extinguish the sun
it counts the years
it dries our tears

fireman come
extinguish the sun
it drills our souls
and shows the holes
to everyone

fireman come
extinguish the sun
it breaks and bends
and takes our strength

fireman come
extinguish the sun
it stains the black
and spoils the dark
it kills, it kills
my heart

extinguish the sun
it drills my soul
and shows the hole
to everyone
Track Name: Against All Odds
no idea
stars appear
bored and boring
born and falling
against all odds
we’re still here

headlines claim
end is near
no reward
for our fear
against all odds
we’re still here

find our ruins
in one hundred years
ask why we had to
against all odds
we’re still here
Track Name: Gates of Winter
I know you’ve got a secret
I don’t know what it is
enough evidence to call the police
let’s build secrets by forgetting
truth is concealed and dignity’s revealed

I welcome all decorations
blossoms and bruises
they prove my existence
and fill these blank pages
paying attention is a waste of time
paying for attention is a waste of money

once I was a chuckling spring
I flowed down a crevasse until I froze
ice turned to lava and steam rose
I floated up to heaven

now I’m a dwarfish polar bear
my pelt’s too small for a wardrobe hook
I am not welcome in the parlor
not welcome at the feast

and I am waiting for your rainbow
of black and white and grey
of coal and steel and stone
I will gladly play the prey

yes I am waiting for the rainbow
its comfort and its blade
meet me at the gates
of winter

I’ll be gone when the clouds burst
be gone with me
why do we pay for dreams
dreams are free
across the empty white plains
and across the stony sea
I will comfort you
and you will comfort me

I’ve been to the moth eaters’ palace
they’re sucking insects through glass tubes
now the evening blackens
and hides me in its cloak
meet me at the gates of winter

between sandstone ornaments
I find the ebon doors
a museum of moth boxes
shrouded in the fogs of hell

behind these wings
in curious gloom
someone is waiting
someone is waiting

I am the errand boy
but I forgot the words
the message is blurred
the parchment burns

I am the errand boy
the message is lost
meet me at the gates
of winter

I try to be honest
honest about telling lies
I’m not Brando
but there’s horror in my eyes
honest like a butcher with a bloody apron
telling made-up stories
Track Name: Hamburg
walking down the red carpet
my soles are getting drenched
the taste of blood is on my lips
I don’t know whose blood it is
I almost fainted when I heard the news

growing thin in the throne room
spooning soup with a rusty fork
punished gently between hooks
and chains and butcher knifes
I almost fainted when I heard the news

without pleasure we touch our souvenirs
our talk is crowded with trap doors and walls
please, please
stop embarrassing me

a member of the cast and of the audience
at the same time
leading the attack and holding the defense
at the same time
how could I be surprised or moved
why should I applaud

when the rain begins to rise
from the caverns of these eyes
we begin to realize
life’s a little bit too wild
Track Name: Windmills
I want to feel invisible again
no one should see the pattern of my veins
no one should know the colour of my raincoat
I will never forget how it felt
to walk through the war and come out clean

I left the port and I’m going north
feeding shreds of skin to thorns
and rotten water to my dying horse
I will never forget how it felt
to ride through the war and come out clean

the juice of lies is dripping from my tongue
all the money and the food is gone
we’re riding into the shivering sun
I will never forget how it felt
to fold my hands and pretend to dream
Track Name: The Morning After
the morning after
I saw the wound
where it came from
I do not know

it marks my life
for a certain reason
to give advice
of high importance

if I only understood its tongue
Track Name: End
swimming pool noise is almost gone
and wind blows through my ice cream cone
sun sends another old dog home
black water leaks into my drone

this swollen path needs medicine
so tick the boxes of amphetamine
then lick the edges of my tambourine
and tear the cover off my broken chin

I found a chain that fits my wrist
I know I should be happy with this

our faces pale as leaves turn brown
and everything is falling down
my spirit rises from the ground
and disappears without a sound